Use of Miniature War Gaming in Learning

Yes, you can learn a lot when playing games! It also works for other subjects besides Math.

Let's start at the beginning. First the Gamer must read and understand the rules. To play these games most of the time you have to put an army together.Selecting a historical time period for your troops. May Romans from the time of Caeser or the Black Prince of England. There's your History and Geography.

Then you decide on the size of your army. Each figure usually have a point value. In Flames of War we play 1500 point armies. I use Excel to keep track of my points used as well as the makeup of the army. To phyiscally put the army together takes working with small models and tools. Next you have to paint them. Maybe a little of Chemistry?

Once the army is together and you find an opponent and you start playing there are measurements to make. Each type of figure can move only so far each turn. Geometry and Trigonometry are now at work! Attacks are made using dice to determine the outcome. A good understanding of Probability and Statistics can go a long way to help you win!!!

And many more subjects are used in just this endeavor. Yes, "all that Crap you learned in High School" really does come back to help. Thank you Simon and Garfunkel for that line of one of their songs.

In my future posts I will be exploring the practical use of "all that Crap you learned in High School" starting with an indepth discussion of its use in each stage of Miniature War Gaming!

Richard J.

PS It's also something you parents can do with your children...



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