Continuing to Grow

Most public school teachers get concerned about what they call "summer learning loss." Professional educators have done studies in recent years of all types of students in summers between school years and the studies all seem to demonstrate conclusively that all students lose in summer if they don't continue their learning. Especially "at-risk" students (those in low-income situations particularly) stand to lose 1-2 months of learning gains, primarily in reading, per summer while in public school. While the debate of year-round schooling and whether students should have longer or shorter summers continues, I consider learning a lifelong passion and hope to help instill this love of learning in my children and in my students. Loving learning is the ultimate prevention of "summer brain drain!"

Contact me if I can help your student keep up with learning from last year or with summer school - or just with learning for fun and the love of learning!


Anne D.

Experienced Reading and Writing Tutor

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