Why SAT Tutoring Is Worth It

SAT tutoring saved my family $14,500. This may sound like a wild claim but hear me out. When I was a high school student my parents spent approximately $1,500 on private tutoring. After working with the tutor for a while I started to get perfect scores on the practice tests. On the actual SAT I got 1500 out of 1600 (I probably should have taken it again to get the perfect score but I'll save that for another post).

My stellar SAT score changed my profile from a good student to an exceptional student and I was accepted into Penn State's highly selective Schryers Honors with a half scholarship. The value of the scholarship was $16,000! After five years my family had gotten our original investment back tenfold!

And while this story may not be typical, it is common knowledge that the SAT influences what college you get into. And things domino from there. Every resume I hand out has mentioned Penn State's Schyrers Honors College. Every highly selective job I've gotten probably has been influenced by it. So in fact, the return on our investment is much higher.

And while I am the type of student who can learn on their own from a book or a website, having a tutor there provides so much help and so much more motivation than a book or any other test prep tool.

I became a tutor because I saw the incredible things that individual attention can do for a student. If you are hesitant about tutoring I strongly urge you to get a tutor. It will be worth it.


GREAT STORY! I love smart people who can teach themselves (I am a self-taught one also). My husband is from Pennsylvania. Go Phillies!


Adam L.

Creative and Adaptive SAT Math & Algebra Tutor

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