Algebra 1 and 2 skills and tricks

Take your time and understand what is being asked of you. Make sure you tell them exactly what they want. To be on the safe side, include a sentence explaining what you mean. When trying to identify lines such y=2, remember to turn y over to make h. This means the line will be drawn horizontal. If x=2, we would turn it into an up to down train track which makes it a vertical line. Don't forget that when you square root a number there is a positive and negative answer. When doing reflections, make sure to identify the axis of symmetry. Remember that you can fold the paper where the line so you know where the point wil end up. When y=x as your axis of symmetry and your point is (5,-1), remember that you can just switch the points to (-1,5) and that is your answer. The distance formula is your friend and so is the midpoint formula. :) The area of a circle is pi*r^2 [not round :)]. Also, (x-h)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2 is used for identifying the center and radius of a circle. H and K are the center (remember to change the sign). R is the radius. If you have something like x^2+y^2=100, the radius is 10 not 100, because 100 is the radius squared. Do not get confused! If you have any questions, contact me!


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