Math is what Math does!!!

First of all, let me start off by saying that Algebra can be the starting point of making or breaking whether or not a person graduates from a particular grade level or is able to advance to the next level of math needed for graduation. Sometimes, with all the numbers and variables and such, Algebra may even be a little intimidating. Let me tell you this though, Algebra 1 is the start of a newly defined way of understanding the introduction to higher level math. Once a student is capable of solving the mini-complex problems that Algebra 1 has to offer, the student will then self-prepare for understanding how to use these fundamentals in everyday life. Math, like any other subject, is what you make of it. YOU DO THE MATH, DON'T LET THE MATH DO YOU!!!! I love math and all of it's complexities, and I still use certain equations to solve everyday math problems that I run into. I would like to offer my services to those in need of understanding Algebra 1. With a little guidance and repetition, I'm more than sure that my "students" will pass their course successfully, and I put my guarantee on it!!!


Shazun N.

Tutor in Dallas

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