Getting sucked in

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the sophisticated way that gaming has been connected to the Internet.

First, I will talk about the relatively nice part.

Not only are gaming and internet now nearly inseparable, but before we could blink, companies started making money from the connectivity itself. More cost for the ability to play with people we may only see once in a great while, or even people we never met at all.

What is not so clearly beneficial is that once one spends money on game and internet, the game itself involves spending virtual money. This is not bad except that we are tempted to spend more hard-earned real money on getting virtual money faster.

Gaming is arguably less addictive than drugs or sex or violence or cruelty; still, I have to drive home the point that just because there is a market for something does not mean that it is always right.


Daniel S.

Graphic Design, Fine Arts, and Reading/Writing Tutor

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