Computer Aided Drafting

I will help the student by reading the information that the student is having trouble with and the my opinion on how the student can improve his or her reading skills by analyzing the subject matter, then I will stress what to look for in the material. AutoCAD or ACAD is based on drafting assignment using AutoCAD software which involve math and geometry basically. Much of the AutoCAD electrical drafting function today involve wiring diagrams for signs, houses, computer wire routing perspectives, chip routing, topographics or map layouts is also used in AutoCAD usage or computer aided drafting; architectural drafting housing layouts, building layouts designs; mechanical drafting designs in areas such as cars, signs tools, computer hardware like towers, televisions, DVDs, mice, keyboards and various mechanical designs; AutoCAD software is also used in medical arrangements and terms. AutoCAD usage has come a long way since the day of using DOS to manipulate the computer term that was introduced in MAC software. Now, the idea behind AutoCAD usage is used Excel, word, access, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, and many many more computer friendly applications.



Larry W.

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