High School Student

I am currently tutoring a high school junior. She struggles in Geometry, but not in Algebra, and in vocabulary. For the summer, we are working together on a 10 page research paper. Her chosen topic is President Obama's healthcare bill. We also work on practice SAT and ACT tests, on a variety of math problems, and reading generally required literature. She has read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and is now reading Lord of the Flies. Our next reading will be excerpts from Benjamin Franklin's autobiography. When my student has difficulty with math and the problems are also challenging for me, we rely on friends in my social circle to help us solve those problems. We really enjoy each other's company. Initially, we worked together for 2 hours per week. During the summer, her parents decided that we would double our study time. I see her now on Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings.


Angela S.

Secondary Teacher with broad skill set

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