Bad beginning but good end result

Well, everything that could have gone wrong today, did. Let me say that I love to teach. I always have and always will. I have never done any tutoring before and I was excited to get my first student. Well, haha, joke's on me because I did everything wrong. The first thing I did was forget I had a lesson. Well it was a busy week.

So there I am straight out of bed with someone saying Hello to me and I have no idea who it is... then when she says her name I'm like Oh yeah... So dash into the bedroom throw on clothes run a brush through my hair brush my teeth and think that this reminds me of my first teaching job, I'm rushing around because the alarm didn't go off and I over slept and my then husband was running his hands through my hair trying to fix it while I was getting ready and fretting. So I tell myself it's no big deal, grab some caffeine from the fridge and go back into the fray. Luckily my student gets an A plus for showing up a bit early so that it was actually five minutes early. The second thing I did was leave my student's file open through the whole lesson. There was nothing in it that was a big secret but that's confidential stuff. Then I had trouble with the screen reader and it wouldn't cooperate. But the end result was that my student, I think, knew a little more about copying and pasting and made an appointment to come back. I guess I am writing this as proof that blind and sighted people can work together on computer stuff. But how does one explain how to use a mouse when the keyboard is the preferred method of input? I will have to get some help with that and figure out why my screen isn't exactly following my cursor.


Michelle O.

Clear Vision Tutoring

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