Practice, Practice, Practice

Throughout the years (I used to work for a Test-Prep Company), I've constantly told my students to practice after I leave, yet some still won't touch the books after I'm gone!

I explained to a student this week that, although I like to pride myself on increasing test scores, it's just not possible if the student won't take it upon his/herself to practice when I'm gone. I recently created a table of how much work students did while I was gone and what their consequential score increases were. You'd be amazed at how much higher the increases were for the students who practiced on their own! You would think everyone would do the most work possible, especially if they're paying a tutor to help them. This is, however, not the case. Perhaps we procrastinate or are just not enthused enough to go through all those SAT Reading Comprehension passages (joy). But think of how much better things would be if you DID that and then got a great score as a result!

Studying and practicing doesn't have to be that hard or that dull. I teach students many tips and tricks that make studying for a difficult test a bit easier.

So please, especially when your tutor tells you to practice or leaves you a homework assignment, do it! Your test scores will increase; I can almost guarantee it!


Alicia G.

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