Day One

I'm pumped! I just got word that my profile was accepted and is up on the board. I am so ready to start tutoring!

I've been doing a lot of research about tutoring; of course I would do research -- it's my specialty! I am an information specialist by profession, a.k.a. a librarian, and a teacher. One of the best things about having a librarian as your tutor is that in the course of a day, we can travel from one side of the world to the other, exploring histories, cultures, and geography. During the same day, we can also work deep inside the earth or deep in outer space studying gyroscopes, geometry, or geophysical patterns. Sometimes we time travel over thousands of years in a single morning, studying ancient civilizations, modern democracies, and everything in-between. There are few topics I haven't explored.

What's more, I've helped kids write about everything under the sun -- and on it too. People think we're all about finding stuff, but as a school IS (information specialist), we guide kids -- and teachers, too -- through the research process, from "what do I want to write about" through figuring out what information you'll need to getting the best possible info into your hands (which doesn't usually happen with a quick google search!) to evaluating and analyzing it to come to good conclusions and finally, to writing your findings so you can share them with others. Now THAT is real research.

Know how they say if you really like what you do, it will come across to the people with whom you work and in the product you produce? I really like what I do, and I can't wait to get started doing it!


Kate B.

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