Charges within an Atom; a star-crossed lovers' tale

“Oh, Electron!” the pretty Proton cried
“Why must you live so very far away?
When will our paths eventually collide?
I don’t get the silly games that you play.”

Blame the atom for this tragic story!
He keeps protons and electrons separate
“It’s for their own good!” he says haughtily
“For proton and electron can’t commit.”

Perhaps this is a star-crossed lovers’ tale -
Electron is prone to negative moods,
While Proton’s hope will constantly prevail
Their differences contain multitudes.

Atom keeps protons and neutrons central;
These two coexist in the atom core.
Neutrons contribute mass, staying neutral
Proton and neutron, a friendly rapport

But electrons are placed someplace special –
(Though Einstein thought this idea dubious)
They are specific to an outer shell;
Layers upon layers, around the nucleus.

“Listen, Pro-baby, quit trying to cling,”
The Electron explained with a smile;
“You and I are just a physical fling.
Cheer up, doll; maybe see you in a while...”


Mary Colette S.

Finding Your Strengths - Science, Math, Writing, or Verbal Reasoning

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