Can One Little Error Cause You to Fail MATH?

I have a student who has really begun to understand math and has mastered much of Algebra I since we began tutoring. About 2 weeks ago, the student had a midterm whereby the teacher placed both 7th and 8th grade tests, side-by-side on a table for students to pick up. My student inadvertently picked up the wrong test and it was 40 minutes into the test before the error was discovered leaving 20 minutes to complete the correct test. I am an avid believer in fairness and compassion as goals for anyone in leadership, in fact I teach this course to teachers, pastors, and corporate leaders. The fact that the student was not allowed additional time to complete led to a failing grade, after all of the hard work we put into preparation. I let my student know that recovery is possible, but it takes a commitment to achieve an A average in homework and acing daily quizzes. What do you believe that teachers in this position should do and why?



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