Typical Tutoring Inquiries

While my editing and proofreading clients typically come from repeat clients met through previous work, there are two other types of inquiries I regularly receive.

The first is usually from a parent who wants to see her child succeed during a transitional phase: learning to read, the first year of high school, the first honors or AP class, and in the first year of college. These transitional phases are difficult as, depending on the student's previous educational experience and exposure to teaching styles, the student simply may not have the necessary study skills available to succeed. This is where I step in. After working with your student one-on-one, an opportunity that a classroom teacher does not have (I have and currently do teach in a classroom environment, and I am constantly aware of the time limitations imposed on my opportunities to effectively assess student progress), I can relatively quickly determine what skills we need to work on to ensure that your student can achieve at a higher level. This may be something we can quickly accomplish in a few tutoring sessions, or it may mean that your student needs regular accountability and assistance for the duration of a semester or for the school year with a weekly tutoring session while the student learns to achieve by herself. My goal in tutoring is to ensure that the student learns valuable skills, not just the required materials for class, in order to be able to adequately apply those skills to future classes and coursework. As a military spouse, I know that I will not be there forever to assist your student on an as needed basis, and so it is important to me to leave knowing that your student has acquired the necessary tools and personal empowerment that will allow her to ask her classroom teacher, professor, or librarian for the specific assistance and guidance that she needs to accomplish her goals.

The second type of inquiry I receive is one that requests that I complete an assignment, essay, online test, or even an entire online class (generally a 101 level History or English class) for a student. Please note that this is disrespectful. I place a high value on academic and personal integrity, and when you ask me to complete your work for you, you are asking me to undermine my own education and degrees as well as that of the other tutors on WyzAnt. I will edit an essay that you write, but will not write it for you. I appreciate that you want to succeed in your course; however, by completing the work for you, you are missing out on the opportunity to learn and succeed by yourself. You may even find that you enjoy a subject you once thought boring. I never knew I wanted to be a history major until I took a class in the subject, and I unexpectedly fell in love with the study of history, completing an additional 6 years of study in the field. I would even like to eventually pursue a PhD in History, but that would require my service member husband to be stationed in one area for at least 3-4 years, and I have no idea when that will happen!


Karina G.

Nationally Certified Tutor; Certified Academic Coach; K-12 & College

300+ hours
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