Apple Computer

Back in 1983, I bought this Macintosh Plus a few days after it was announced. My wife asked me "what do you plan to do with that thing?"

Today, nearly 30 years (and about 25 Macintosh's) later, I think back on that dig and I just smile.

You see, that MacPlus (which cost more than my car at the time) was a game changer for me. Funny thing, later in the mid-90s I had the good fortune to work on the Apple account. I spent a few years going back-and-forth to 1 Infinite Loop or Apple's satellite facility in Campbell, California.

To some, it was just a job. To me, it was just like getting to hang out with my favorite rock stars...every day! It was was was an experience I'll never forget. I even look back fondly on the time when Steve Jobs almost ran over me with his Mercedes in the circle drive on Infinite Loop, but that's another story...

Steve Jobs has one of the most brilliant minds of my generation and I thank him for empowering me with his vision.


Victor E.

Marketing & Communications Professional and All-Around Mentor

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