First Week of Grad School

My life has changed greatly this past week. I've been meeting more students than ever at my other job and through WyzAnt. I've always been able to help my students build the knowledge they need for their courses, but my graduate lectures have given me much more to think about. I'm now trying to discuss all my student's questions, even those that do not directly relate to the subject. Each child is unique and the discussion of their interests helps me understand them, and allows them to have another outlet for their imagination and creativity. I'm also going to double my efforts to get my students to study with a friend or form study groups. Webs, networks, threads, whatever you want to call it: the more support a student can build, the better. I hope to be able to be a part of that web for many students yet to come.


David H.

Math and Physics tutor: USC Master's Degree in Teaching

200+ hours
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