From Remember When to What If...

Many of us learn about historical facts through a vacuum called rote memorization, which means that we learn to memorize the information and regurgitate it back to our instructor whomever that may be. There is certainly nothing wrong with rote memorization. But, history is more than memorizing facts, dates, and events. It is also critically thinking about and analyzing what those historical dates, events, and facts mean to this day and time. Let's go back to the year 1492. Now, according to history, Christopher Columbus discovered America. But, the facts are Native Americans, and visiting West Africans were already there on the land mass. So was America discovered or stolen? You see, how can a land where people already live, hunt, marry, have children be discovered if it already exists? Let's explore the answer to this question. Were the people on this land mass knowledgeable about property, law, contracts, etc? No, at least history does not say they did. But, who was knowledgeable about these items of business information? Europeans, particularly the Spanish, Portuguese, etc. These Europeans were also knowledgeable about human nature and culture. How else could they have successively traded trinkets for land? traded life and luxury for death? traded freedom for captivity? (slave trade)They didn't, but the Native Americans and settling West Africans did. So when I say America was stolen, I mean it was deliberately, deceptively, and legally obtained through ill gotten gain - missionary exploration, settlement, death, and destruction (CONQUEST). Let's look at another date Feb 20, 1871. According to history, an act of supreme and superlative proportions occurred. On this day, America which was a country became a corporation owned by the richest elite outside of the country. Now, where am I getting this information. GOOGLE: America the corporation.But, why did this happen? America was in great debt from a Civil War, which had ravaged the country, divided its citizens, emancipated once enslaved persons who were only considered 3/5 of men. The politicians, who were the trusted guardians looked out for themselves, and signed away the rights and privileges that our Forefathers fought for, and tarnished the hard work and near death that former president Andrew Jackson experienced in trying to prevent America from slipping into the hands of a few greedy, wealthy elites who operate outside of America. Every time, we spend a ten dollar bill and see US Federal Reserve Note, Andrew Jackson weeps because our politicians sold us out to make a quick buck. How many of our politicians have sold us out today? Be honest. Now, to add to the previous date mention go to 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was signed. Now, what happened twenty years later...The Great Depression. What happened after that...The New Deal. What was that new deal? was it for us? No! America has not been financially stable since 1836. After 1871, America the colony (that's right I said colony because the so called Revolutionary War which we fought against the British, was funded by the British, whose troops did not leave America until 1796, became America the corporation (Look at the original US Constitution- notice that United States is lower cased in document, but that changed in 1871). America has two constitutions. America the corporation only has jurisdiction on 10 square miles by 10 square miles of land called the District of Columbia. The debt of the the Great Depression forced America to create a New Deal to pay back the greedy, wealthy elites by making us the American people - human capital (collateral). Our social security, our income taxes, go to paying them-the people behind the Federal Reserve Bank - our financial authority. The financial authority of this country is in the hands of the Secretary of Treasury, not the President of the United States of America. The Secretary of the Treasury works for the Federal Reserve Bank, which is an independent entity operating under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund, which is controlled by the United Nations. Research all of this and discover that remember when is truly what if!


I am not surprised by the information presented. We have and will always be lied to by those who control the cultural norms and how we view them. We need to wake up, reseach, educate our children properly, and stop believing everthing we see on TV before the next by line reads: "There lies the last America- Oh Say Can We See"


Donte W.

The Moorish Scholar

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