The Unknown Prophet

I have always been intrigued by a line in the bible uttered by Jesus Christ that states: "A prophet is never recognized in his own country." Could we look into that quote a little. You see, it baffles me what the expression means - that a person with foreknowledge of things that others in the same country deny or disbelieve because they come from the same country? It that right? Is greatness restricted to some places, but not others? If that was the case would not Malcolm X, aka Malcolm Little, who was from Omaha, Nebraska not supposed to be anything? Yet, history has named him one of the most prolific and decisive minds in history, and yet he did not have a college degree. It almost seems as if people catch "the vapors" if I can quote Biz Markie, the rapper because they only know the person they see with their eyes. But, the person who sees himself or herself as greater than what others think is special in need. I think the answer to this riddle is simply this: It does not matter what others think of you. It only matters what you think of yourself. In truth, Jesus Christ knew he was the son of God even when others doubted his greatness. We are all children of God, despite the doubters and naysayers. As children of God, anything and everything that we do in HIS name is revered, so we are also revered. The other answer to the riddle is this: If you don't believe in yourself, who will! I have been told from the beginning that because I had an alcoholic mother and no father, that I would amount to nothing. Well, I fouled everyone. Not only did I graduate from high school, Baltimore City College, one of the greatest city wide high schools in Baltimore, but I also acquired my Bachelors and Masters degree from Coppin State University. Therefore, I have exceeded the expectations of the people of my block of Decker and Preston, Decker and Biddle. My question to you the reader is: what instances in your life have you been a prophet whose expectations of greatness have exceeded the illusions of grandeur perpetrated by neighbors in your neighborhood. Write back to me and let ne know. I would love to read your stories. No, none of us may get to be as well known as Michael Jackson, or as revered as Jesus Christ, but we can aspire to be better than what we are and definitely better than what others think of us.


I totally agree. We were a culture of trendsetters and visionaries. Now we are culture of sheep who follow the nonsense straight to the slaughterhouse. Stop being used and abused by the propaganda machine. Wake up! Realize that the America we knew will never return, but the people we are must get better with age, or the age of America and the American will be as extinct as the dinosaur.


Donte W.

The Moorish Scholar

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