Summer reading

Summer is here, and so is the required reading that many schools expect their students to read over the summer. For someone who enjoys reading, this is not a hard problem, but for those who do not enjoying reading, this is a task that they will dislike and put it off until the last possible minute, or in some cases completely forget about to avoid doing it. Here are some tips and strategies that I have used to help with summer reading. First, choose a book about something that you are truly interested in because if you choose a book that you are interested in you are more than likely will read it. If you have a required list of books for school, and there is not one book that sounds interesting, don't despair. You can still motivate the student who does not like to read. As a parent, you can sit down with your child and read/ discuss the book together. You can promise your child a special treat for completing the book. You should designate a time each day in which your child reads for 20-30 minutes. It should be the same time, and it should be designated as reading/quiet time. If it helps, bring the child to the library and have them read at the library. Most libraries offer programs for children/teenagers as a way to encourage reading. Another suggestion to get the summer reading done is to encourage your child and his/her friends to read the same book and have a get together where they share and discuss the book. Remember a book can take you to many places, and teach you many things. Go find a good book, a nice quiet spot and spend some quality time reading with your child.


Denise D.

English/ Social Studies/ Study Skills

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