Expert Coach Reading K-12, All Subjects K-8

This School year is ending, but your child's learning should not be ending. If your K-8 student was less than successful at Reading, Math, Writing, Science, or Social Studies this past year, now is the time to get some extra help. Study skills and learning how to learn are an important part of what I do when working with your student. FCAT scores are in and you may not be satisfied with that two that enabled your child to pass, but at the bottom. Or maybe your third grader is entering fourth grade dreading that writing test next February. Perhaps your child faces summer school or retention. Let me help get your student back on track with one on one help this summer, with or without the limited summer school the public schools can provide.

I get to know the student and then coach in a nurturing way to achieve results in accelerating skills. I can help with Reading and Study Skills problems in high school as well. Often the poor Science, History, or Math grade is really a reading comprehension deficit or a deficit in study or work skills. GED and FCAT preparation are all about this.

I can strengthen those lagging learning skills using a wide variety of materials. Spending an hour a week, or two if you feel the need,with me and doing a bit independently each day in between can really make the next school year much easier. Writing, reading, and working on math don't seem so burdensome when the student is not in school all day and then facing homework. Often the writing planning can better be taught and practiced when the student is not in a rush to finish many assignments. I use games where possible in our sessions and leave songs and games or independent reading or writing, multiplication tables, math, or language arts skills to practice.

Contact with your student's teacher is vital for both you and me. Giving your permission for me to communicate freely with your student's teachers allows them to communicate student's needs they haven't the time to address in a full classroom. It's great if you can give this permission before teachers leave for the summer. You and I both also need to know exactly what problems your student has in the classroom.. I can help you with ways to work with your student during the week until my next session to maximize learning and minimize frustration, yours and the student's.

Set up some sessions for your student this summer and make next school year something you and your student look forward to instead of dreading. My lifelong love of reading and teaching will help your student's skills and confidence soar this year preparing him or her for success. I possess the experience and enthusiasm to help. Send me an email today!



Jean D.

Expert Reading Coach K-12; all subjects K-8.

20+ hours
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