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Success in life - crossing a stream, one stepping stone at a time

As I tutor special needs students or those seeking further career development, I find students who's progress is limited by their expectations that they will fail when they attempt to do things that are unfamiliar to them. In general, this is called "fear of failure". To help students overcome this, I either paint a mental picture or draw a sketch of a stream (like found in the woods). Between the banks of the stream are a number of stepping stones, each which must be reached to get to the other side of the stream (the success that is desired). Just as in life, some of the stepping stones in the stream are slippery and in our first attempts, we may fall into the water (failure in life). However, with personal persistence and an "I CAN" attitude, we can be successful in reaching the other side of the stream (our personal goal in life).



Rodney H.

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