Achieving success after a year of hard work.

I have been working through this last school year with a 5th grade student on her mathematics. It has been a long year! She is a bright, fun, outgoing youngster, but when it came to math, she shut down and turned into a timid, fearful little girl. At the beginning of the year, she was unable to multiply numbers and fractions scared her more than anything. We have spent the entire year working on building confidence, and skills, with math. She is now able to multiply numbers "because they are so easy!"; she can also add, subtract, and multiply fractions,find the lowest common denominators, and reduce to the simplest answer. I am so proud of her. In fact, I recently received news that she has improved so significantly, she will not be pulled out for resource math next year. Her teachers are finally confident that she can keep up in class. I am so very excited for her and very proud, too!



Jane B.

Master's degree in Education. Focus on success for all students.

20+ hours
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