"Reading Rhythm"

Hi, thanks for stopping in for a bit. If you are a parent considering helping your child improve his or her interest in reading, you've come to the right place.

I have four children, all very diverse and interesting, and all who grew up reading or listening to me read to them.I am a grandmother, but not your typical grandmother. I enjoy getting down on the floor with my grandsons and racing cars, going outside and playing with them, and then settling in with a good book at the end of it all; of course, after a snack.

If you don't have a library in your home, you can create your very own using a crate or an old box. Pick a spot in your house that you feel comfortable spending time in, maybe near your favorite chair or a comfy rug and the rest is easy: open the book and start exploring with your child.


* Let your child pick out the book.

* Start by saying the title, the author's name, and the illustrator if there is one.

* Browse through the book leisurely taking in the illustrations and talking with your child about the pictures.

* If this is all you do before your child loses interest, don't worry, there's always an opportunity to read next time, chances are they will pick the same book because they have been introduced to it.

* When ready to read, you may abbreviate some of the text for a young child to keep their interest and give them a sense of the whole story.

* Over time increase the amount of reading to include all of the text, this builds patience and interest in a book.

* Never force a child, try to follow their lead by gently guiding.

* Keep things fun and light, keep the experience a positive one, and you will be finding a nice "reading rhythm" in no time.

The bonus: You bond with your child while you're at it, helping your child to build trust and a positive relationship with books.

Good luck!
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Bonnie T.

Reading,Writing, and Public Speaking Tutor

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