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It's difficult for parents to figure out *how* to teach their children - you've been out of school for a long time, and now everything's digital. The kids use Chrome laptops during class at half the schools, and every teacher is using Google Calendar, so there's no excuse for "forgotten" homework. Yet despite all the information online it can be bewildering to find resources to assist a parent who wants to help their child. When their math homework doesn't make sense, when a history assignment seems unclear, when you don't know where to start, it can be frustrating. And it seems like every class requires a different method to study for quizzes and tests. Add onto this the tension that builds as you get frustrated, when it seems that every time you look at your child's homework they haven't done the work properly *again*... well, you may be approaching it the wrong way.

Enter Marina Koestler Ruben, a professional tutor who believes you CAN be your child's personal teacher. Her book title is a bit long, so I'll abbreviate to "How to Tutor Your Own Child." Most of her insights are targeted at parents of grade-school aged children, but about half the recommendations still apply to teens. She not only offers ideas and tips for studying in general, but concepts that will help to create organization, which will help your child throughout their education. She also indicates when its the right time to bite the bullet and pay a professional. Her blog highlights interesting topics, and her post on "How Much Help Is Too Much Help?" is a must-read for every parent.

As a tutor I highly recommend this book to parents-as well as directing students towards websites like I want to help those who need me the most. If you can tutor your own child you develop a stronger relationship with them, and if they can learn to teach themselves from online resources they'll have an advantage over their less-studious peers.

Of course, some parents have to work long hours, and can't afford the time. Some students need the verbalization and discussion missing from their class and websites. And some parents are, honestly, not very good teachers. So when you hit a subject you can't help with, then it's worthwhile to hire a tutor. Your student stays on top of the material, without you having to learn an entire subject overnight, and you get to maintain your sanity. This is why WyzAnt tutors exist - we have the time, we're good at explaining the concepts and we can help your child to learn.


Pixie S.

Pre-Med Tutor for Science and Math, Loves Biology!

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