First Tutoring Session Through Wyzant

Yesterday, Saturday 9/10/11, I had my first tutoring session through the WyzAnt website for an Organic Chemistry student. We had originally planned on the session being one hour but things were going so well that we extended the session to two hours, and planned to meet every Saturday until the student feels comfortable in the subject.

I've tutored prior to signing up to WyzAnt, and I find it really helpful for the student to send me a list of topics they are having trouble with beforehand, this way I can come fully prepared. I usually go through the list and make a detailed outline and step by step procedure for each problem and compound it into a review packet for the student to keep. Knowing exactly what the student needs help with before the lesson is really helpful, as you are able to come to the lesson fully prepared with full knowledge of what your student is struggling with (all tutors know we sometimes forget things if put on the spot!). Of course its okay to look things up if you forget, but being able to explain the information right away saves time and effort for both you and the student.

Looking forward to my second tutoring session tomorrow with a general chemistry student!


Leah M.

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