Cracking the GED

Preparing for the GED exam is not as difficult as it may seem at first. The social studies and science tests are essentially reading comprehension tests. You should know how to interpret graphs and charts, read political cartoons and interpret a science or social studies article. You need not spend time learning science or social studies facts, your studying time can best be spent elsewhere. I find that helping students prepare for and practice their GED essays and math skills are most beneficial and where students need extra help. The format for the GED essay can be memorized, and the subject presented on the day of the test can be set up so it fits into the student's memorized format. The math portion is made up of specific skills and vocabulary that appear again and again on the GED. When these specific math skills are practiced and mastered, it's easy to get a good score. In essence, good reading comprehension will cover you for three of the GED tests: social studies, science, and reading. Memorizing a winning format will get you through the GED essay, and practicing the essential math skills will make you a winner. Once you have passed the GED, a whole new world of opportunity awaits you.


Stephen S.

Regents History Tutor: Global 1 and Global 2, US History and Geography

20+ hours
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