Changes, Rate Information, and Happy Halloween!!

Hello Students and Parents!

I just wanted to send out a post telling everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween this year. The holidays are going to be cold, so bundle up! I'd also like to update everyone on my location. I have moved to Terre Haute, IN and live in an apartment just off of 7th. However, tutoring will not take place at my apartment due to the location and neighborhood, so I'd like everyone to know that I will be doing tutoring on campus at Indiana State. Exact locations can be discussed through e-mails and/or phone calls.

High school students, it's getting closer to finals! I encourage you to e-mail me if you need any help at all. If you're a high school student and you really need help terribly, message me about the rates. I would hate to see a student fail because they could not afford tutoring.

Middle school parents, being involved in your student's education is very important. If you feel your child is struggling in school, please don't hesitate to e-mail me or call me. I work very well with children, and their success is very important to me as a student majoring in Education.

Again, enjoy the holidays and be safe! Have a very Happy Halloween!



Jessica H.

Jessica - Tutor in Math, Science, and More

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