The Measurement of Success

Sharing success stories can be a little bit heady – I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I am so very proud of my students and their accomplishments, it’s hard not to share!

The following excerpt is taken from a student’s letter to the International Dyslexia Association in response to their “Honor A Teacher” campaign. Through mail and email, members, friends and supporters of IDA were invited to submit information about a special teacher, and “Unsung Hero” who has made significant contribution to their life or their child’s life.

In my student’s letter to IDA she stated, “Kim is very patient, explains a lot, and never misses a day. She is kind, nice and friendly with a very warm personality. At first I was very nervous because I didn’t know the place or the people, but I was very comfortable with Kim. Kim is a very good teacher. I am thankful to have her versus any other teacher. I understand things the first time she explains them, my reading is much better now and I believe that about 80% of that improvement is due to Kim. I do not look forward to the day when I won’t need to see her again.”

The important piece here is the student’s improvement in her reading. Diagnosed with dyslexia, she came to me as a non-reader, and after seven steps of the Wilson intensive program, she, I can proudly say, is a reader! I too do not look forward to the day she and I will no longer see each other, as I will sorely miss her. But that only means she is ready to apply all the methods and rules that she has been taught and make her way on her own. That is a measure of true success!


Kim O.

Reading and Writing Tutor Specializing in The Wilson Reading System®

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