Web Design is more than a skill

Web Design is more than a skill it is a complete realm were technical skills meet creativity and the result is user interactivity.

It is easy to build web sites with the right software and some basic design skills.

I can teach you to build complete web sites that can be posted to the world wide web featuring graphics and text as well as animation, audio and video.

Every business needs a website and the miracle is that once you post on clients can find you in your community as well as everywhere in the world.

That's a lot of exposure.

The best quality of site is driven by a data base so you r can add forms, search the website and create user membership and records so your site will grow over time.

Data base site also offer a premium user experience and the ability to manage, maintain and expand content on your site.

Whether you are interested in learning web design or just need someone to build your project for you I hope you will contact me.

My mission is to create a great world wide web experience fro you and or your company.

Thanks and have a great day from

Eric, a WyzAnt tutor


Eric F.

Web Design Teacher General Computer Teacher

50+ hours
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