Tutoring is a service

One of the highest praise that a customer can give to someone in the service department is "went above and beyond."

This post is my philosophy in my current job and tutoring.

Tutoring is a service, and in service unlike a job, there is progression rather than completion.

I always ask myself how can I go "above and beyond" for my students? What else can I do to assist them outside the one hour or two hour sessions?

My passion in high end retail service greatly influence my approach to tutoring.

The meet and greet allow proper introduction. Ask meaningful questions to find out what the student needs. For me to sell a $5,000 suit, I need to know what does the customer prefer, significant event, style preference, etc...

Be directive and offer expertise is the next step. A tutor need to take the reign and lead the student. Start from the basic and do not assume anything. Every class teaches a subject differently. However, clear understanding of concepts allows them to be ready for anything. I do just tell my customer to buy an outfit because it looks nice and fit them well. I tell them how to wear it, how the color, pattern, and cut will work with their wardrobe, skin tone, seasons. Educate them on trend and fashion so that they can shop intelligently on their own in other stores in case I do not have what they need.

Before the end of every session, a proper review for understanding, exchange contact information, and plans for future sessions. One of the "above and beyond" part to tutor is allow the student to get a hold of you. Availability for sessions might be limited, but this age of technology, a simple question through text, email, phone call is reasonable. At the point of sales, I confirm the items purchased, provide business card in case anything does not fit well at home, and question or concern. Set appointment for pick up of alterations and future event shopping needs.

The last important step that I think a lot of tutor omit is the follow-up. The student generally want session to get ready for quizzes, tests, finals, job skills, etc. Show the student that you care and want to be involve. Ask them how did they do on that test. This allows you to congratulate them on a job well done and also aware that you properly complete your service in preparing them. This step is very time sensitive, so use your best judgment. I always call my customer after one week of purchase to make sure how are the items, if they need to exchange sizes, or need another items in a different for or color.

The success in the field of service is not the productivity of one transaction. It is the follow through of that transaction and the repeated business that transaction generates by the same customer and new customers (from reading reviews, word of mouth recommendation, etc...).

All in all, I always take care of my customers, and I will take care of every students that I tutor. Even after my job is done, my service is still available.



Chinh N.

Dedicated Math and Science tutor for 7+ years - Fluent in Vietnamese

20+ hours
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