In Light of the Elementary School Shootings in Connecticut...Much More to Consider

In light of the shootings at Newtown Elementary in Connecticut, there is still much more to consider. Recently, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo proposed even more stringent checks and legislation on firearms. His angered emphasis was made clear by his picture of popping veins in his neck and forehead on the front page of the New York Daily News this past week. That's great! Bravo! Yet, there was no discussion on mental issues; no mention of how our society could reach out to the mentally ill, to provide some support to their immediate circle, which is often heavily-burdened and over-worked. Severe mental spiralling, like that which led a lonely, isolated soul (from what I've read---poor parental guidance from a mother who needed much support, herself, and from a father and older brother who found it more comfortable to get away, live with others, and not see a young son and younger sibling for over two years) to take out his issues on elementary school children like a monster, does not happen over night. It can, in most instances, if caught in time, be avoided and treated. There's much happening in psychiatry and psychology, as my previous blogs have alluded to, that can be made available to the general public so that understanding and eventual support for the mentally ill can be fostered. As Governor Cuomo vehemently sounds the alarm for more and much-needed gun control legislation,and asks us to consider what kind of a society we are creating, let us go further and consider openness and a willingness to face mental health concerns. Let us create a society that faces these issues, not one that hides from and buries them in some computerized bedroom where human contact is void and limited.


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