A Great Student Off to Italy

I'd like to say thank you to the WyzAnt family for allowing it to happen, and, at the same time, introduce you to a great student, very much interested in the Italian language and culture. Her name is Faye of New York City, New York. She was particularly interested in the "intricacies of the Italian language", as she put it, for an eventual sojourn in Italy. In fact, Faye is on her way to Italy as I blog. She made it perfectly clear that she had a fascination with Italy ever since childhood and that she would one day live there for an extended period of time---in this case it may be close to a year. She promised she'll keep in touch during it all.

Other than short trips and brief stays on her way to other European countries, Faye had never attempted to live in Italy. She was ready now, after many, many years. When we first started working together---over two months ago---she put it bluntly that I was to help her grow the little Italian she already knew and to add to it, all in about two months time. She also said if it wasn't working, she'd know and she'd let me go---just like that. It turned out to be a great working relationship, I think, and I'm sure Faye would concur. And I always say great learning happens when a strong and trusting working bond is developed between tutor and student.

Well, we started with five sessions a week, including two one hour phone lessons a week, and continued with an average of three days a week until Thanksgiving. Keep in mind we both had busy schedules---it turns out Faye is a successful interior designer in Manhattan, and I was involved with a tutoring project in one of our local hospitals for convalescing students getting ready to go back to school soon. So, scheduling wasn't all that easy. Nonetheless, it got done---as they say. Homework assignments were completed, challenging questions were asked, and the "intricacies of the Italian language" were revealed and learned from. Faye concluded: "e una bella lingua."

So, thanks WyzAnt, and thank you, Faye for a challenging teaching experience from an old pro who always feels there's more to learn. Buon viaggio, buon soggiorno, Faye, ed a presto sentirci. ----- Luca V


Luca V.

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