Why Is Geometry Difficult?

Over the past two years I've had a number of requests for help in Geometry, and I wonder what about Geometry makes it so hard to grasp. I try to think as a struggling student instead of an engineer, looking at it the way I look at English, a subject I wish I could do without! I've come to the conclusion that the reason it is such a difficult subject to grasp is because it is heavily based on one's reasoning skills in mathematics. Too many students learn algebra through memorization and last minute studying and when it comes to using those skills in geometry they practically choke within the first two weeks. I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn these basic concepts and master them with practice, not last minute studying and memorization. With a descent algebra 1 background, geometry will not be as much of an uphill battle as students make it out to be. I have faith in the students in which math is not their strong point because I know that deep down every student strives to succeed, and given the right tools I know you all can.


Rachel B.

Experienced Math Tutor

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