Getting Students Interested in Learning

It's difficult to teach students that do not cooperate or are "bored". Frankly, they are more interested in what each other has to say than what you have prepared for them. I was challenged one year by the length of time I had left to work with 5th graders during class changes. They saw this transition as an opportunity for a social break and as they entered the classroom a large amount of time was lost in settling down to work.

I successfully motivated them into class preparation in a very, very short amount of time by racing a timer. When the bell rang for class change, I set a timer up on a computer screen at the front of the classroom with a 2 minute countdown that ended with the most obnoxious buzzer I could download. Students prepared themselves in line outside of the classroom door, checked the time as they entered the room, and then tried to accomplish as much as possible with pencil sharpening, books out, getting Kleenex tissue, or a drink of water and being in their seat ready to start when the buzzer sounded.

Just by simply stimulating students with fun ways to do the same boring task, you can create an excitement to learn. It was amazing how quickly the students accomplished so much and I actually came out ahead with extra teaching time BEFORE class time began.


Glynda P.

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