Be Sure to Check Your Answers!

One of the best ways for students to significantly improve their quiz and test scores is to get in the habit of checking their answers. When students check their answers, they will know immediately if they answered the questions correctly or if they made a mistake. Most mistakes are simple mistakes involving sign errors or accidentally adding a value to the other side of an equation when it needed to be subtracted instead. For most Algebra problems, the answer can be checked by plugging the solution back into the original equation to make sure that the left side of the equation is actually equal to the right side of the equation. When simplifying expressions, the answer can be checked by using the Y= function in the graphing calculator. Type the original expression into Y1 = and type the simplified expression into Y2. Then, look at the Table to make sure that the Y1 and Y2 values are equal. Although checking answers will lead to higher quiz and test scores, students should not wait until a quiz or test to start checking their answers. It is best to get into the habit of checking answers while working through homework, classwork and warm-up problems. By checking answers all the time, not only will students know if they are getting the correct answer, they will also build up their confidence in knowing that they are using the correct steps to solve the problems. Therefore, be sure to start checking your answers today to start seeing higher quiz and test score tomorrow!


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