Dealing With Geometry Word Problems

Geometry word problems can seem pretty overwhelming the first time that you read them. You are generally presented with a lot of information and it can be a bit confusing. However, if you can break down a word problem in to smaller steps, it will be more manageable. The first thing that you should always do with a Geometry word problem is to draw a picture of the situation to help you get a better visual for what is going on. Then, label every part of the picture based on the information provided in the word problem. And be sure to label with a variable, such as 'x', the information that the word problem is asking you to find, like an angle measure or a side length. Once your picture is drawn and labeled, determine the shape of the drawing. Is it a rectangle? Is it a right triangle? Is it a cylinder? Is it some other shape? Once you know the shape, think about all of the properties and formulas that you know about that shape. Then, use that information about the properties and formulas, along with the given information that you labeled in the picture, to help you start to work your way through the problem from there. By drawing a picture and then breaking the problem down into smaller steps, you will soon find these Geometry word problems to be less confusing and not so overwhelming.


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