Hi, well, I've started as a tutor, and I am eagerly anticipating many opportunities to "turn the artistic light on" for lots of interested students! Art is a great journey, and, actually the journey is much more important than the finished product. Art is an intrinsic part of all human beings, and much of the time our societies teach us how to leave this aspect of our personalities behind as we get older. It has been thought that leaving this "childish" personality trait behind is the best way to become mature and be successful. I cannot tell you how many successful people in all kinds of fields do things creatively, and thereby become more successful than if they hadn't used their innate creative forces! So, the secret here is that one becomes more mature, and more well rounded and successful if the creative/artistic side of him/her self is not squashed. Let's not be squashers! :)


Karen B.

Art Tutor Marietta, GA

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