I am fairly new to WyzAnt, which is why I don't have much of a rating, but not to tutoring


If you viewed my profile you probably realize that I have not used WyzAnt to tutor but one student, Mrs. R. In fact, Mrs. R. and I ended up having a great student/tutor relationship and I helped her in college English and writing. Mrs. R. was an accountant who furthered her degree, and the English classes were required, but not necessarily vital to her field. I helped her get A's in all of the English and writing classes at Chapman University through my tutoring. I mention Mrs. R., for I originally met her via WyzAnt and after several successful tutoring sessions we continued privately. I wanted to explain my lack of student ratings and reviews. I know Mrs. R. would be happy to write me a stellar review.

Thank You,
Ashton E.


Ashton E.

History and English Expert With Top AP Scores in Those Subjects

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