Think twice before pouring 10,000 dollars into services from a tutoring lab or learning center

Though I applaud the efforts of parents who will spend hard earned dollars to see their children succeed, parents must understand that there are companies out there whose primary focus is to primarily take their money. I read some recent reviews about a well known tutoring lab which left me in a daze. They charged almost $200 to test the child, then told the parents that they needed to invest $10,000 of money, for 240 hours of tutoring services. All this on the promise (but no guarantee) that it would completely turn the child around. And of course, the average parent does not have this money laying around, so the funds would have to be borrowed. Is it just me, or does this seem like way too much money to be spending on tutoring services which are not one-on-one? I would recommend looking into private one-on-one tutoring for parents. What the learning centers don't voluntarily tell you is that your child does not get one-on-one attention. And the tutors at these places typically don't receive more than $15 dollars per hour for their services, all while they are juggling 3 to 4 students simultaneously. You can do the math, and you can easily see how this set up is beneficial to the company, and not very beneficial to the students nor the tutors. My advice to parents is to look at individual tutoring for your child. This route is much more cost effective, and provides your child with the individual one-on-one attention needed for success.

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