What's cash flow?

Cash flow is ultimately what drives us in our personal lives or in business. We look at the Cash In's and the Cash Out's. If we have more cash coming in than cash going out, we call that Cash Flow Positive. If cash out is more, we call that Cash Flow Negative. We can be negative from time to time, but not for too long or if we don't balance it out with periods of positive.

Over that past 20 years, we, as a society, have spent MORE than what we took in (what we earned). How did we handle it? How did we make it work for so long? Credit cards and home equity loans. When the economy was going well (remember that?), credit card companies and bank mortgage companies 'gave away' credit card and mortgages and home equity loans (HEL). We borrowed the money, and that allowed us to overspend. We were cash flow negative. Well, it catches up to you eventually and the US President and Congress are wrestling with this exact same issue today. Times have changed (for the worse) and we have been forced as individuals and businesses to either get our Cash In's and Out's back in balance or be forced into bankruptcy or closing. Let's hope the Government learns the hard lesson that we had to learn a few years ago.

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