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Math that you will actually use later in Life

I find that Math can be really useful. I mean, useful in the Real World.

-Is the cereal in the 25 oz box at price X a better deal than two 13.5 oz boxes on special?
-How much carpeting do we need to order? Did the contractor charge for the correct amount of work?
-If I want my kids to be able to go to college, how much do I need to start saving every month?

It also can help take the anxiety out of Living Life (on a budget). We all have to deal with limited money, whether income or savings. How do we know we are doing okay, or NOT okay. How can we even THINK about it in a meaningful way? If we understand a little better, we will feel a little less anxious about it.

Math is just a TOOL. One that you need some level of mastery. I like to say, for some people, you just need enough math skills to be able to 'tie your shoes', you don't have to become the expert 'cobbler'.

Let me help you take tough Math (and business/finance) concepts and make it easy and understandable.....and actually useful.



William G.

Math and Business Guy

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