Best Places to Tutor and Teaching Computers

In this post I am going to talk about a method I've found in teaching computers as well as talking about the place I believe is the best place to tutor.

First, for teaching computers, whether Microsoft Office, General Computers, or other computer software is to really allow your students to be hands-on. Similar to my approach to teaching math I like to challenge my students to find the solution and when they don't know then I step in and help them. I found that students who are challenged will have the satisfaction when they reach a breakthrough on their own, plus it is more likely to stick in their mind when they are being hands-on.

I have found that the best place to tutor, which is most comfortable to me is to go to the County Library. Not only is there free wi-fi but you are allowed to use the library computers for 2 hours a day and you can reserve them in advance. From a tutor's standpoint it is also very public.


Cynthia H.

Elementary, Excel and other Microsoft Products, Math, Mandarin, etc.

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