Heart Driven Tutor For Over 11 years

I have been driven to help students excel and succeeded for over 10 years now. I have a heart for every child to succeed. I tell parents all the time, Your child has a great potential. If he or she is not learning in the regular classroom it does not mean they have less of a potential but that the teacher is not using the right learning method to teach them. These are the students whom I have worked with for years to provide customized teaching showing the parent's how bright the children really are. I have had experience with parents who have financial limits and will negotiate the rate to provide the most tutoring for the child. Some have allowed only 2 hours at lowered rate but then 1 week later the child would excel with an A in math after only one week of help. Most parents who come back say that they saw a major difference in a short time such as the end of the first session. This has gone to show my faith to be true. Every child can learn and will with my help. If your son or daughter is not performing to their greatest potential, please contact me and I will take them to the next level. I teach and have a heart for business men and women in the MBA, and bachelors levels of undergraduate studies, and high school students in math or test prep. I have a heart for special needs students and have helped with Special needs test taking, study skills, coping, and the like. I teach elementary education, special needs, high school math and college prep or career development, and college students in business. If you or your child fall in any of these categories please feel free to call or email me. I want your child to be successful too. I will come to you at any cost and meet you at a place where your child can focus, study and flourish to their greatest academic potential. I have been inspired to teach due to my own academic achievements that recognized me in the top 1% of the Nation in 2011 the last time but have been awarded many other times before. This has driven me to share my knowledge to help train and coach young leaders who want to follow my foot prints in academic excellence. If you want to Ace My Course please contact me and I will help you achieve this goal we both share in your future. Thank You and have a great day. I look forward to your success.


Jennifer W.

Heart Driven Teacher Training New Leaders and Achievers of New Horizon

300+ hours
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