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I have over 10 years of experience in providing tutoring services to various aged adults and teens. I began when I was in high school teaching the elementary special education students how to learn through coping with their disabilities. After proving success doing such, my peers began to turn to me asking me to tutor them in classes I had before them or even in classes we would take together. By the time I reached college, this was my career as I thrive on seeing others who may struggle turn out to be successful. It was at this stage that I was first noted as being in the top 3 percent of the nation among my high school class in academics, community involvement and later due to leadership. During my early college years I continued to teach peers as I later excelled to be able to teach the underclassmen while I was in my later years. Once I reached graduate school I taught all levels of undergraduate studies in the courses that I have excelled. Now I continue tutoring but do it with a passion. It is my goal to help teach the someone in the next graduating class to hit the peak top of their class through academic achievements. This is applicable to both the college and high school level students who may be preparing for tests, or just studying to want to understand a subject better. I enjoy educating people on the accounting profession as I would like to help coach anyone who wants to be an accountant or to help students understand what they may be dealing with when considering such major in college. It is then my goal to see them through school that they will achieve to be able to graduate in the top and not just have a degree. I am open to tutoring topics that include algebra I and II, geometry, accounting, economics, business management, finance or help with career coaching. I have many other topics I am open to as I have trained entry level accountants and I have taught other areas of study to include high school chemistry, politics, marketing, math up to pre-calculus, and many other topics that may be studied in early college and late high school. If you have a need, please contact me as I am willing to teach any subject that I am skilled in. Please let me know what I can do for you. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


Jennifer W.

Heart Driven Teacher Training New Leaders and Achievers of New Horizon

300+ hours
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