Why not fun?

Yesterday, I chose as one of my default home pages with the Mozilla/Firefox browser. I changed to that browser because I was unable to take advantage of a couple of features offered by WyzAnt when using IE.

The point is, this change led to the awareness that, for the most part, I had pretty much always viewed the internet as a place of work. A place to check e-mail, to do research, to order prescription refills, and search for full-time work. Naturally, I was fully aware of the internet's capability to open up a world bigger than I can imagine - bigger than even the books that I grew up reading showed me.

How do you view the internet? Is it a place to play games, to connect with your friends, or to do work? I think it should be a place where we seek to continue the balancing act that we call "life." My other two default home pages are WyzAnt and Comcast, the former for work and the later for e-mail (at least for the time being). I could default Facebook too, but am concerned that if I do, I'll never leave that website and be found an old, decayed skeleton, like the groom in Faulkner's story when friends drop by the house after not hearing from me for an extended period of time. So, three default home pages are all I want: one for work, one for communication, and one, probably the most important, just for fun! As Ms. Hurston wrote, “. . . everything is got tuh have uh center and uh heart tuh it . . ..”

(Hurston, Zora Neale. Their Eyes Were Watching God. Urbana: UP Illinois, 1978. 65)


Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I seem to be struggling with the work/fun/social, etc. balance to life these days. It seems to me that perhaps the best solution is to view our computers and the internet as just another tool for life - sort of like a refrigerator - necessary for completing certain tasks.


Kathy M.

The English Coach

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