Foundation of a Solid Financial Future

With my CA state investment license (Series 6/63), I've learned that most families lack one of the four essential "legs" to enjoying a stable financial future:

1. An emergency CASH FUND (3 months income) in case of unforeseen "rainy day" events (so you won't tap your credit or investments)

2. A strategic method to PAY OFF DEBTS much more quickly than you thought possible (without spending a dime more each month)

3. The right amount and type of LIFE INSURANCE to protect your family's income (so their lifestyle could continue indefinitely)

4. A financial coach or advisor to help you INVEST WISELY to build up true wealth and equity (so you won't run out of money in retirement)

Contact me if you'd like to receive a complementary Financial Needs Analysis so you'll have a "road map" to help you reach your goals!

Dale J.


Dale J.

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