Math and ASVAB Tutoring

I know that some people think that I am not an experienced tutor, but the fact is that I am. With over 20 years experience in math and other disciplines, I have also experience as a math teacher at high school level. So, I am writing this blog to let everyone know that the experience is there so don't think twice before letting me be your private tutor. I am a specialist in math so I can assure you with confidence that you will be helped somehow. I have a vast experience in ASVAB exams due to the fact that all my life I have been part of the military life and the ASVAB was a common test for me. After graduating, I have helped many people with the math part of the ASVAB and also the English part so I believe I am qualified for that. Please, don't hesitate to try and see for yourself.




Maria S.

Math and Spanish Tutoring Service

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