Can't make it to a tutoring session? We can have an online session!

For the past five years, I have worked in multiple online areas: social media, graphic design, web development, etc. I discovered that online collaboration tools are a very unique and diverse way to keep up with and practice different activities. I would like to motivate students to participate in online tutoring sessions. I am not saying this should be a substitute to face to face sessions, but it a nice little way for students to get their online "fix" during the week and be reminded about what they are learning. If you are interested in adding an online session to your student's weekly tutoring, let me know. There are many ways to have video chats and also interactive tools for completing different tasks.


Hi Melanie I am new to tutoring and would be interested in learning about your interactive tools and other resources of interest. Thanks, Teresa
Hello, Melanie:
I have been a long-time volunteer with YES!Atlanta, an inner-city mentoring program for "at-risk" youth. Our web site is  Our name stands for Youth Experiencing Success. 
We provide trained and committed adult mentors to teenagers aged 13-18. One of our main objectives is keeping these kids in school through graduation. Most of these are 8th graders - half will drop out before graduation, 1/3 of these between the 8th and 9th grades. Besides committed mentoring, we provide weekly 1.5 hour tutoring sessions by volunteers to kids who show up at our downtown location, the Juvenile Court.
These kids live at scattered locations throughout the Atlanta area, so it is difficult (and expensive) for them to ride public transportation to and from their homes. I happen to be YES!Atlanta's webmaster (as well as Ass't Treasurer and Board member) and it occurred to me that it might be possible to conduct on-line tutoring in middle-school English and math. Kids who have internet access (I have no statistics about this at the moment) could sign in from home at the appointed hour and be tutored as a group by a single skilled volunteer. 
Searching the web on this topic I came upon your web page. I signed into but found this to be devoted only to fundraising (another nonprofit conversation entirely).
So I thought to send you this comment in the hopes you might have ideas or suggestions about this possible venture in making a difference using technology with kids who are often hopeless about their lives.
We have some technologically-savvy volunteers among us who can help if necessary.


Melanie M.

Diverse Bilingual Tutor - Reading/Writing/Web/And all things cultural!

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