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Yesterday was another great day to be a tutor - REGENTS INTEGRATED ALGEBRA

Yesterday was another great day to be a tutor. I met with a young student for Regents Integrated Algebra and Geometry. She was so nervous when I first met her. I told her that I would put a curriculum together for her, and with hard work she will be fine. Week after week we work together. Slowly but surely she began exhibiting confidence, asking questions and solving problems. It was so nice to see. The best part is when I arrived yesterday she told me that she received a higher grade on her exam than the last time, at school. She told me that she has been studying, which was obvious by her performance. If I gave her a problem that she had difficulty solving, she would ask for more practice exercises like it. Three weeks ago she would never had done that. I am so proud of her. Both the student and her mom thanked me, and I hugged them as I left. I even received a referral before leaving. I really love what I do.


Her mother has informed me that this student passed the Regents Algebra. I am so proud of her :)