Keeping Motivated During the Summer Months

Hello There Tutors and Students!

In the summer there is so much for students to do, take every opportunity to make a lesson of whatever you are doing. Going to the grocery store will allow them to learn about the pricing of different brands of items that you are shopping for from your list. You can have your child write the prices down and calculate the amount of money that the items will cost on the next grocery visit. If you save money on your overall price of your grocery or other shopping items; you can have your child to calculate the percentage saved on the shopping trip, etc. There is so much that families are doing during the summer but take opportunities to make each trip to the store a learning experience for your child. Tutoring during the summer is another wonderful way to get the mind focused on the fall back to school experience. Anytime of the day can be a learning experience for you and your student. It is also helpful because it also helps to instill in them that shopping trips are very costly and that money DOESN'T grow on trees. Have a wonderful rest of the summer.



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